Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best of 2007 national finals:- part one

Download my favourite songs of the 2007 national finals season. I've only included studio quality versions, which explains the lack of anything from Armenia, and I've tried to be as democratic as possible and find something from every country. However I was unable to find anything worthwhile from Montenegro as all 10 songs in their final were, in my opinion, rubbish!

01 - Elli U - Trans-European Express
10th in the first Latvian semi-final

02 - Andreas Lundstedt - Move
6th in the first Swedish semi-final

03 - Indiggo - Lovestruck
Withdrawn from the Romanian national final

04 - Infinity - Hooked On You
Unplaced in the Norwegian national final

05 - Пeтя Пaвлoвa - Runaway
Unplaced in the Bulgarian semi-final

06 - Cвaякi - Caлoдкi Mëдзiк (Tasty Honey)
5th in the Belarussian semi-final

07 - Hafsteinn Þórólfsson - Þú Tryllir Mig (You Make Me Mad)
3rd in the Icelandic national final

08 - Måns Zelmerlöw - Cara Mia (My Beloved)
3rd in the Swedish national final

09 - Charizma - Emily
Unplaced in the Polish national final

10 - Laura Voutilainen - Take A Chance
4th in the Finnish national final

11 - Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir - Ég Og Heilinn Minn (Me And My Mind)
Unplaced in the Icelandic national final

12 - Sopho Khalvashi - Fantasy Land
4th in the Georgian national final

13 - Vanilla Ninja - Birds Of Peace
4th in the Estonian national final

14 - Elin Lanto - Money
Lost to Kom by Jessica Andersson in the Swedish wild-card round

15 - Aвiaтop - Aнгeли (Angels)
5th in the Ukrainian national final

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