Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dull in Hull?

So last weekend I went to see Craig in Hull... it was far from dull.

Had a wicked time, especially at his boyfriend Carl's pub... The Polar Bear... which is on Spring Bank... if you're ever in Hull check it out as it's great.

Friday night they had a band on called the Influential Factor, who absolutely fuckin' rocked the place... see their website at

Friday also saw us refused entry to Fuel because apparently we aren't gay... what? First I knew!!! Maybe it was because I was in me boots and braces I dunno, but the bouncers were very rude to us. Aah well, we got an apology later and everything was ok for the Saturday night.
Me & Craig in the Polar Bear

Carl and dirty Nigel

Craig & Carl at Lounge

On Sunday I stopped by at David's new house for a good laugh at some old photos. I also got to feel up Muriella's tits!

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