Friday, February 02, 2007

Slovenia:- Semi-final 1

Right then. Thursday night saw Slovenia kick off on the road to Helsinki with their first semi-final held in Ljubljana. Always ones for a quick turnaround, the second will be held on Friday with the final on Saturday. The vids below are of the songs that qualified for the final.
Alenka Gotar - Cvet Z Juga
Well the Slovenes usually either go for deadly serious or deadly cheesy, but this is possibly the only one that crossovers into both territories. She's got a great voice and it's different enough that it will stand out should it win their ticket to Eurovision.

Zablujena Generacija - Kdo Hoče Plesati Z Menoj?
Fuckin yes! This HAS to represent Slovenia. They fuckin' rock. They even end the song with "Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!" Fuckin lovin it! The cameramen seem to have had a nervous breakdown though!

Martin Perovič - Zadeni Me
Pretty (sub) standard Balkan pop fayre. Points to note... his failing voice and lack of stage presence... the half-hearted strip by the backing singers... the fit dancers. Have braces suddenly come back into fashion? That's the second time this national finals season I've spotted 'em... ;-)

Sebastian - Naj Svet Zakriči
Tina Karol has morphed into a camp bloke who's nicked Carola's flag wavers! His voice is not bad considering all the dancing he's doing, but I'm bored, although if you you look carefully his boyfriend in the audience is clearly enjoying the performance!
Alya - Vizija
I need counselling!

Dean Vivod & Tonus Kitaris - Hitmejker
And you thought the Norwegians were weird! I pray to God that this doesn't go to Helsinki.

Don Corleone - Bella Mia
Well if you've been waiting all your life to hear a Slovenian piss-take of Italy then here ya go!

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