Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ireland can't stop playing the tin whistle

Last Friday night the Irish held their Eurovision selection in Dublin. The trad music group Dervish had been selected previously to sing all four entries, which they did (of a fashion) before the public voted to pick the winner.

My personal opinion is that her voice borders between the interesting and grating on my brain. I kind of like the way she sings like she's telling a story, but then she squeels through her nose like a crab being boiled in a pot and that's doing nothing for my ears. The music is pretty good and the sort of style that'll go down pretty well in this neck of the European woods. The lyrics are nothing short of dreadful - they're so cheese-laden they could host a fondue convention. The general sentiment is not bad... the title "They can't stop the spring" comes from the anti-Soviet movement, which took place during the Prague Spring of the 60's and was violently suppressed by the Soviet Union. So why then are the lyrics so awful? Who knows...

What I do know is that this is almost 99,9% guaranteed to get the UK's "douze points". Come on then Ireland... you gonna help us out with a few points n all? ;-)

Dervish - They Can't Stop The Spring

Download a live version of the song here:-

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