Sunday, December 17, 2006

News from Europe's last dictatorship

So Belarus held their national final for Eurovision on Friday night, but as befits such a corrupt state it was never going to be an easy affair. Fifteen acts battled it out to pick 3 to go forward to an internal selection by Belarussian national television. In this internal selection the singers don't have to sing the same song that they sung in the national final... so beggars the question "why hold a national final?"

Well the winner of the final (in the televote) was Dimitriy Koldun, who is quite famous and pretty good looking so that's ok. Then a jury (oh please God no) selected 2 other random acts to go forward to the next stage. So this must've comletely pissed off the group Litesound who came second in the televote. Anyway the jury selected novelty (oh dear) group The Project and blind (uh-oh) singer Diana Gurtskaya.

Hopefully Dimitriy will be announced as the winner from this bunch, but as Diana has the most money behind her it ain't likely.

Click the links to hear the offerings by...

Dimitriy Koldun -

The Project -

Diana Gurtskaya -

Click below to hear (in my opinion) the best song of the bunch, which pretictably failed to get anywhere!

And below is possibly the oddest song you'll have heard so far this year if you can take watching through the dreadful reception ... Natalia Tamelo singing So Badly High... never was a song title so apt!


Kieran said...

You know that you've graduated from a Eurovision fan to an official Superfan when you're rushing home on a Friday night to watch the Belarusian 'national final' on the internet!
The only performance that stood out for me was Lena's 'Call Me' (perhaps a soft spot for the song title after Femminem in '05) but of the qualifiers I have to say that I prefer Diana to Dmitri (quite the reverse of my usual life-choice) and that The Project, as a novelty act, aren't anwhere near as objectionable as LT United.
Also. many thanks for the link to the Natalia Barbu song - I'd been looking for that all evening.

Chris said...

No worries mate!

Oh and I only watched the Belarussian final on youtube... I wasn't quite that desperate to watch!!!

The Moldovan song this year rocks though... There's a sentence I never thought I'd say!

Kieran said...

It's not half bad, is it? Rather puts me in mind of Evanescence, which I wouldn't usually describe as a good thing, but Eurovision's certainly heard a lot worse. The key change in the last 15 seconds is a welcome surprise, and sure to endear it to those of us of a 'musical' bent.
At least, it's almost certainly going going to kick the sh*t out of whatever Albania puts forward next week...
Viva L'Eurovision!

Chris said...

Oh I dunno... I have a bit of a thing for women screeching some ethno shite!

Kieran said...

Truth be told, Zjarr E Ftohte is amongst the top five songs from the 2005 Contest that I secretly like.
Can't wait to see what the Czech Republic & Georgia come up with...

Chris said...

well i was quite surprised that the UK gave points to Albania this year and not to Belgium... anyway wonders never cease in Eurovision!