Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Swinging London Town

So I thought I should say something about last weekend's trip to London.

I had to stand all the way down due to train cancellations the day before. Mind you I saw Aaron from Chesterfield on the train so the trip was cool as we had a good chat down to London.

Got there and met Charlie and Keiron then checked into the hotel, which was ok actually.

Friday night we went out for some drinks and met up with Luke from uni... he'd just come back from New York on some press trip with ITV... not that I'm jealous or owt. No I just love sitting in my dark office in rainy Manchester for 12 hours!!!!! Anyway after an abortive attempt to get into Heaven, whose staff so far up their own arse they can see daylight, we ended up in G-A-Y. Hmmm not my club du choix, but a good laugh none the less. Especially so as I was in my 20 hole rangers n braces, although some gays seemed to think it was ok to pull my braces back hard n let go... yeah whatever!

Charlie pulled twice the dirty ho!

Saturday daytime, we were very cultural and went to the Tate Modern! Then I met up with Björn for some extra-curricular activities! Was good to see him. It's all so easy yet so hard. Sigh...

Saturday night and Fiona's surprise party was excellent... like Natalie said, it was just like we'd been at rehearsal the night before even though we've not seen eachother for years. One person I didn't expect to see there was Laura Mugridge who's now working as a stand-up comedienne... how rock 'n' roll is that?

All in all a great weekend.

Oh and as for my train back... it was cancelled! And they say privatisation equals progress!!!

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