Monday, March 12, 2007

Eurovision draw:- the final

The draw for the final on 12 May is as follows:-

01 Bosnia-Herzegovina - worst possible draw for Bosnia's ballad
02 Spain - sadly have the dreaded #2 slot, but ok after Bosnia
03 - semi-finalist
04 Ireland - very bad draw for Ireland
05 Finland - ok after Ireland's ballad
06 - semi-finalist
07 - semi-finalist
08 - semi-finalist
09 Lithuania - could've been better
10 Greece - a good draw for Greece
11 - semi-finalist
12 Sweden - good draw before the break
13 France - bad draw after the break
14 - semi-finalist
15 Russia - not too bad a draw
16 Germany - possibly the best draw in the final
17 - semi-finalist
18 Ukraine - will stand out anyway
19 United Kingdom - a great draw between 2 comedy songs
20 Romania - could be a disaster for Romania
21 - semi-finalist
22 - semi-finalist
23 Armenia - could surprise with a great draw
24 - semi-finalist


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

Is 4th for Ireland really so bad? Sertab sang from this position and won for turkey ! If another rock song gets through from the semi and sings 3rd it'll also be to our advantage as it'll make our song stand out a bit...anyway,who knows? at the end of the day,if a song is performed well on the night I guess it doesn't matter where its drawn.
I agree with your sentiments regarding Justin Hawkins-saw him on telly this morning and he was a total plank.The french girl,Cyndi has a good tune.Anyway,best of Irish luck to the UK on saturday!!!!
Might I also just compliment you on a terrific Blog-really entertaining & informative!
keep up the good work!


Chris said...

Hi Trevor

glad you like the bog... always nice to get compliments!

Hmmm yeah I think 4th for Ireland is terrible... coming right before the home entry is never easy, plus to start early on with a ballad you need a really outstanding performance to make an impact.

I don't know if dervish have any tricks they intend to pull out of the bag, but I see nothing in their performance from the LLS that makes their performance either interesting or memorable.

To be honest I'm non too keen on her voice... it just hurts me, but I guess with Ireland you never can tell.

I still think that Ireland is most likely to be the recipient of the UK's 12 points this year though.