Sunday, March 18, 2007

Flying the UK flag (but not for me)

The British national final (and last one of this year) was held last night in Maidstone. Five of the six entries were well sung and whilst not all of the five would have been great ESC entries, I could have supported them.
Sadly the worst act won. For those that still don't know that was Scooch with their song Flying The Flag (For You).

They can't sing, they can't dance, they have zero song-writing ability. They have used every camp, gay innuendo in the book. They represent nothing of the current UK music scene. They are plastic pieces of nothing.

To say I'm embarrassed is an understatement.

I feel sorry for Cyndi (who sang her heart out) and what Wogan did to her at the end. He said that she'd won, when in fact she had come second... however we never saw the result of the televote and it all seems a bit suspicious to me.

I feel sorry for Big Brovaz (who were fucking excellent and took defeat graciously) whose career is now ruined by the idiotic British public.
I don't feel sorry for Justin Hawkins, who proved what an arrogant bastard he is by storming off the stage in a strop.

I feel sorry for the rest of Europe who will have to endure this nonsense on 12 May.

I feel sorry for the country that comes 11th in the semi when we have squandered our automatic place in the final with this.

Wogan should be sacked, how he decries "johnny foreigner" and makes people not take their opinion seriously is beyond me. The opinion of the 41 foreign countries was that Big Brovaz should be first with Cyndi second. Terry made people think that the opinions of the other 41 countries don't matter when ultimately that is ALL that matters. The BBC should pull out of ESC and give it to Channel 4 or take a year's break and evaluate the way they select the British entry.

We deserve nothing more than 0 points with this in my opinion.

And to all those Brits who will decry another abysmal UK result in Helsinki, they should take a look back at the MYMU on 17 March and think... well we only have ourselves to blame.
Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You)


Francis said...

Commiserations on the result of MYMU! However:
"I feel sorry for Big Brovaz ... whose career is now ruined by the idiotic British public." - They'll survive, because they're easily good enough to. MYMU can occasionally resurrect careers, but it's never sunk anyone who wasn't already on their last legs.

"I feel sorry for the rest of Europe who will have to endure this nonsense on 12 May." - Well, they are watching the Eurovision Song Contest, aren't they? (they've had ample warning of what's coming)

"Wogan should be sacked" - Sorry sir, but this is heresy. Though you might well be right about the organisers. I do think phone voting changes matters, in that anyone watching on the night can influence the result now, whereas before it might have been said that there was a typical Eurovision juror type.

Nil desperandum, there are 40-odd other songs to look forward to.

Chris said...

1) Who's career was ressurected by MYMU? Haifa, Hyrise, Tricolore, Andy S-L, Goran Kay et al are all as obscure as they were when they particiapted. Gina G never got a comeback out of it. Jordan was always gonna stay famous whatever she did. Cyndi may get a career boost out of it due to the nature of her coming 2nd. Big Brovaz I fear will lose a record deal if it's perceived they can't even win MYMU. What company will touch them now?

2) True, but I'd like to think that the music industry of the UK doesn't have to resort to the lowest common denominator (even for ESC). Some of the stuff from this year is good... true - some is dreadful. It's interesting that the televoters of the UK are as crazy as the televoters of Ukraine... Europe united? lol

3) Well why not? Is he funny? No. Has he been doing this for longer than Anthea Turner presented everything between 1994 and 1999? Yes. Does he know his facts? No. Is he needlessly offensive? Yes. Plus, he will die one day and so why not give the job to someone else now. He's been doing ESC since 1971. That's a long time... time for fresh blood I say. Maybe when people stop listening to him we might be able to compete with the Eastern Europeans, who let's face it are entering better songs and doing better as a result. ESC may be camp, but Scooch really are scraping the barrel of even bad taste.

I thought Mel (off the panel) to be both funny and know her facts. She was a bit enthusiastic about Scooch, but aside from that she could be just what ESC-UK needs.

Future of MYMU? Well it got more viewers than ever before so I think it's back for 2008. Personally I think the BBC should either go down the route of 1 singer 6 songs or have a bigger national final including semi-finals a la Melodifestivalen. They might get more quality acts to take part if the exposure is bigger as has happened in Sweden.

It seems the BBC are so scared of Eurovision it's untrue. The BBC can't minimal effort into it an expect us to do well. If they do want us to do well (or even win) then they need to do more to promote it and ensure that quality acts are willing to take part. At the minute it's like entering a 60 year old into the Olympic 100m final. You just wouldn't do it would you? Conversely, if they don't want us to do well or are not bothered, then why do they spend our money to compete?

By the way I like your website.

Francis said...

1) "Who's career was ressurected by MYMU?" Well, I had to think about that one. I then realised I had to go back to the pre-MYMU format, which re-introduced Katrina and the Waves, as well as Sonia (I've never been a fan, but she was a very big star for about six months). And now I'm feeling very old.

3) I suppose Wogan isn't to everyone's liking, but let's face it, there have been many years when the UK has needed someone to keep their spirits up. I've never found him offensive as such.

PS I think Mel Giegerich would make an excellent Eurovision regular.

PPS 1 singer, 6 songs has been tried. It didn't improve matters greatly for the UK. The trouble is generally with the songs themselves - they're never going to fill the dancefloors of Istanbul or Kiev, and they don't capture the imagination.

PPPS How much prize money is on offer at MYMU? At least nowadays anyone can get hold of the year's Eurovision entries, so they don't sink completely without trace. A few years ago, a Eurovision flop would just have been a total waste of time for a big name star (though at least it would have been forgotten more quickly), whereas at least there's still some chance of further royalties now. Where's the MYMU CD (and how many copies has it sold)?