Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Making Your Mind Up

The BBC has announced, and about bloody time 'n all, that the 4th edition of Making Your Mind Up... ie the-annual-shameful-music-show-on-telly-where-a-bunch-of-wannabes-and-ex-famous-people-compete-to-win-a-place-at-the-Eurovision-for-the-UK... will be held on 17 March in Maidstone of all places.

Now Auntie's courting a bit of controversy here, as the official deadline for each country selecting its entry is the 12th. The BBC reckons they knew they'd never be able to make that deadline when they were in Athens and the EBU gave them clearance to use the 17th March as the selection date. Hmmmm... call me dubious but....

Anyway the BBC reckons that it's because they knew they'd have difficulty competing with Dancing On Ice over on ITV. The 17th looked like a better date. But... it may all have gone a bit horribly wrong as a few days ago ITV announced that they were suspending all interactive programming whilst some auditors looked into alleged fixing of phone votes or summat. Obviously Dancing On Ice is affected by this and may end up being pushed back a week... coming back into direct competition with Making Your Mind Up. It seems you can't outwit the outwitted!

Well to be fair to the Beeb, they've not done that bad a job this year, with a couple of songs that would be great entries at Eurovision. Let's just see whether the public can be relied upon to actually pick the best of the lot. I can but live in hope.

Here they are anyway. Have a listen and see what you think. This is probably the order I'd put em in:-

Big Brovaz - Big Bro Thang http://www.box.net/public/5reci4gidv

Justin Hawkes & Beverlei Brown - They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To http://www.box.net/public/3skvejqr09

Brian Harvey - I Can http://www.box.net/public/gccsmeq60s

Liz McClarnon - (Don't It Make You) Happy! http://www.box.net/public/6npxcmcgk5

Cyndi - I'll Leave My Heart http://www.box.net/public/aex02bumn4

Scooch - Flying The Flag For You http://www.box.net/public/fiajdd3oi0


Kieran said...

This is a masterstroke of intelligent scheduling by the BBC, to deliberately plan their selection later than technically allowed in order to avoid competition from a major ITV show.

That is, it would be if the Dancing On Ice final wasn't ALSO scheduled to be on the 17th. *shakes head in despair*

I wonder if the ITV phone-in investigation might have been instigated by some frantic execs at the beeb trying to keep their jobs...

Chris said...

My point exactly! ;-)