Monday, March 05, 2007

You gotta love Lithuania for leaving everything a mess

Lithuania's national final took place in Vilnius on Saturday night after one of the most complicated Eurovision selections (bar Spain this year) of all time. It seemed that Lithuanian telly had no idea what the rules were at any given moment and in one final act of incompetence succeeded in one more controversy at the very last moment. More of that in a bit.

The song that actually (or allegedly - depending who you ask) won was this rather subtle and jazz/folk inspired ballad. In the chaos of the Eurovision with artists stripping a go-go, camp dance routines, uptempo pop, screaming singers and general debauchery, this is an oasis of calm and rationality.

It could - with the right starting position - see Lithuania do very well indeed. I like it. I like it a lot.

4Fun - Love Or Leave

The mp3 is here:-

However, things ain't that simple.

After the three top songs were selected in the final there was another vote to decide the actual winner. Unnecessary? Yes. Complicated? A little. Confusing? For sure.

Take a look at the following article and see what you think...

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