Friday, March 02, 2007

Greece shake it up once again

The Greeks held their annual boom-bang-a-bang-athon in Aθήναι on Wednesday evening to pick their euro entry. Three songs battled it out in a 3 hour marathon show - can you imagine the BBC devoting THAT much time to Eurovision?
Ever lovers of high drama the Greek public went with the least known performer of the three... a guy called Sarbél who is Greek, but hails from London. So he'll be fighting his corner for a share of the British votes then...
The song's pretty much what you'd expect from a Greek Eurovision entry:- up tempo - check; bouzoukis - check; cute guy - check; a mini drama on stage - checkity-check. It certainly ticks all the right boxes to get the Greeks a respectable place again.
However, I'm not entirely sure about Sarbél's skills as a dancer... it's kind of like watching Lurch from the Addams Family having been reluctantly dragged up on stage by a bunch of over-excitable holiday reps.
And if I'm not sure about his dancing I'm decidedly unsure about his vocal skills, which to be frank are chronically lacking.
Your boy's got some work to do if he wants to prevent a Greek tragedy in Finland.
Σαρμπέλ - (Γειά Σου) Maria


Kieran said...

The right result from Greece in my opinion; this was by far the best (Eurovision) song in the final. I must say that I don't see what's so terrible about the dancing - perhaps you're a much better dancer than I, but I'd give quite a lot to be able to pull off that routine!
Not to mention being able to get away with the spray-on leather pants - reckon he'd go down a storm at The Rembrandt! He's no Sakis, but Sarbél will at least add some much-needed eye candy in Helsinki.
I can only hope and pray that a rather attractive Swede will be joining the bill...

Chris said...

Ooh if you dance worse than Sarbél I would probably have to avert my eyes!!!

And I think those pants'd go down much better in Essential considering the campness that the poor guy exudes.

Kieran said...

Well, perhaps I overstate the case. In truth, the problem lies in hitting that increasingly narrow window between 'drunk enough to dance' and 'too drunk to dance'.
It's a moot point in any case, as now I've hit 28 I tend to see dancing as a spectator sport - to be enjoyed vicariously from the sidelines, rather than as an active participant. In fact, I rather tend to see all sports that way!
Don't be too hard on Sarbél - I think he might do pretty well with a decent position (as it were).